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Posted on: April 27, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About the New Waste Hauler

"I only got my garbage and organics container, when do I get my recycling container?"

-Lakeshore Recycling Systems will continue delivering all types of containers through Saturday.  If you do not receive all your containers by then please call City Hall 847-432-1924.

"Advanced Disposal didn't take away my old container(s)?"

-If you should still have your green containers please put them out on the curb and call City Hall.  We will have Advanced Disposal pick them up.

"What do I put in the organics container?"

-You can put yard waste, food scraps, unsoiled or soiled paper products, such as paper plates and towels.  FOR A COMPLETE AND HELPFUL LIST OF ACCEPTED AND NON ACCEPTED ITEMS, PLEASE GO TO:  www.LRSrecycles.com

"How much does my new garbage service cost?  Do I pay extra for the organics can?"

-There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for the organics can, it is included as part of the NEW garbage collection program. The new fee schedule is as follows: 
Single Family - $22.40
Multi-Family - $17.40 per unit

A Senior Discount of 10% is available to those 65 years and older.  Please call or stop by City Hall for more information. 

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